‘A temporary filling but the tooth is still rotting’ – MP reacts to Government’s dental recovery plan

7 Feb 2024
Tim with a dentist

Responding to the Government’s NHS dentistry recovery plan which was announced this morning, Cumbrian MP Tim Farron said: “More money to incentivise dentists to take on NHS patients, especially in rural areas like ours is always welcome.

“However the British Dental Association, who I trust to know what dentists need far more than Conservative ministers, say that this 'recovery plan' is not worthy of the title and won't stop the mass exodus of staff leaving NHS dentistry.

“The £200m announced today is a drop in the ocean compared to the £1bn has been cut in real terms from NHS dentistry by the Conservatives since they came to power.

“There was a big build up to this announcement but unfortunately it looks to be another temporary filling which will not fix the rotting tooth.

“I think it's a kick in the teeth for the many people across Cumbria who cannot see an NHS dentist in our county and are therefore being left with two choices - 100 mile round trips to see an NHS dentist, or pay for private treatment in the middle of a cost of living crisis.”