Farron takes on Minister's challenge

15 Jun 2006

Local MP Tim Farron has taken up a challenge issued to him by Transport Minister Douglas Alexander MP in yesterday's Environmental Audit Select Committee. Douglas Alexander admitted that the Government had little idea of how to get more people onto buses in rural areas, and asked Tim if he had any ideas.

Speaking after the meeting, Tim said: "Many people in rural areas find it difficult to use public transport because of the limited nature of bus routes and timetables in the countryside.

"The Minister has issued me with a challenge, and I'm going to consult with local residents - including the bus users' group - to find out what improvements they think would increase the number of people who use buses.

"I'm also keen to suggest that the Government looks at making some of the innovations in bus services available in rural areas - be they new clean fuel vehicles, or things like better information at bus stops."