MP demands response from Ambulance Trust

28 Jun 2006

Local MP Tim Farron has demanded an immediate response from Cumbria Ambulance Service after the Trust's First Responders call-out system failed again late last week.

Langdale First Responders and the local parish council have written to the Acting Chief Executive demanding action following a series of failed call-outs in previous weeks. Tim Farron is alarmed that despite the life-threatening nature of these failures, there has still been no response to these letters from the Ambulance Service.

In the latest incident, only a third of the available First Responders' pagers were activated in response to a serious incident in Elterwater.

Tim said: "The lack of a response from the Ambulance Trust is extremely worrying when lives are still being put at risk because of a new computer system. I have written to the Acting Chief Executive again demanding immediate action."