Utility companies must work with more co-ordination

Local MP Tim Farron has launched a push to get utility companies to work with more co-ordination following news that Transco will be digging up Stricklandgate in Kendal so soon after the new pedestrian priority scheme has been completed. Cumbria County Council had tried to find out if any work was planned, but only found out about Transco's plans once the scheme was finished.

6 Jul 2006

MP wins victory over train horn noise nuisance

Local MP Tim Farron has been given assurances by Transport Minister Derek Twigg that a partial solution is in sight to reduce the noise nuisance created by trains as they arrive at Windermere station - trains hoot three times within 185 metres on their way into the station, and again on their way out. Residents of Droomer Stile and Ghyll Road had contacted Tim asking him to step in and help.

4 Jul 2006